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WESTHILL CONSULTING, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC. was established by a group of people who are travel enthusiasts. They wanted to fulfill a long time dream of travelling the world and they wanted to fulfill others' dream as well. We carry out the business of tours and travel intermediation representing major travel suppliers. We also provide services such as booking, tour facilitation, travel documentation and other related services. We will make sure that you will have the travel experience that is worth of you money and your time. We hope that this will result to repeat sales from valued customers.

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    This company envisions itself to be the most preferred travel agency by providing a high-quality and reliable service thereby fulfilling one's dream of traveling.

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    Through the determined efforts of the associates, the company is passionate in giving our customers the following satisfaction:

    • Provide the fulfillment of everybody's dream to travel
    • Provide quality and affordable travel to consumers
    • Provide the satisfaction of that dream and repeat sale from valued customers

Indonesia Travel Guide

Deportes en Guara barranquismo Pirineos,Alquezar, Huesca. Food & Drink:
Indonesian cuisine is formed not only by the local cultures and foreign influences as well. The basis of all Indonesian meals is rice, which are mixed with either fish or meat. The food is usually strong in spices and flavor. Goat and lamb are the most widely used meats. Coconut milk and lemon grass is widely used in cooking. The national Indonesian dish is called Nasi Goreng (fried rice with a fried egg). Some other national dishes include: Kari Ikan (fish curry) and Semur Daging (beef in Soya sauce). The most popular Indonesian drinks are teh (tea) and kopi (coffee). Jasmine and green teas are the most popular varieties of teas drunk in Indonesia. Kopi susu (coffee with sweetened condensed milk) is an Indonesian version of Café au lait. There are also various famous brand soft drinks such as Coca Cola or Fanta.

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